Teaching reproductive health

Mary Schutten

Associate Dean for Students and Curriculum
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Movement Science Department

Michigan Health Educator Of The Year

Office: B4-238 MAK
Phone: (616) 331-2495
Fax: (616) 331-3675

Mailing Address:
CLAS Dean’s Office
Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Dr
B4-232 MAK
Allendale, MI 49401

E-mail: schutmar[at]gvsu[dot]edu


from courses that Mary Schutten has taught.

Heath education

Physical education

Movement science foundation

Academic advising

Movement Science Academic Advising (download syllabus as Word file)


When using resources

As with all Reproductive Health and/or Sex Education content in K-12 schools in Michigan, be sure to clear all activities with your district’s Reproductive Health Committee [PA 226 committee] prior to implementation.